New York Dog Training

New York Dog Training with Barker's Balanced K9s.

Barker’s Balanced K9s has recently arrived in New York. Brian Barker brings his many years of dog training experience to the Big Apple. 

We cover all aspects of canine training, including body language, obedience, reactivity, and engagement. Our aim is not only to train your dog but also to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to handle any situation effectively. Through our guidance, you’ll develop leadership skills to strengthen your bond with your dog.

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Our Dog Training Services

We offer three distinct dog training programs. Click the buttons below to navigate to the relevant section on this page.

New York Board & Train

In our recommended Board & Train Program, your dog stays with Brian in his own home to get maximum attention. In New York, your dog will be personally trained by the owner Brian Barker. 

This immersive experience allows your dog to receive personalized training throughout each day of the program. Not only does your dog benefit from intensive training in a condensed period, but it will also have the opportunity to socialize and learn from interactions with Brian’s dog.

Brian will focus on addressing behavioral issues and reinforcing obedience commands, providing your dog with a well-rounded training experience. With constant supervision and structured routines, your dog will get the attention and guidance needed to make significant progress during their stay.

New York Board & Train
What’s included:

  • Ecollar Technologies Mini/Micro Educator
  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar/or Slip Lead

              *Other tools may be recommended*

  • Detailed Go-Home package upon completion of the Board & Train program
  • Basic obedience training
  • Enrichment
  • Exposure to various environments
  • Each program is catered to you and your dogs needs/lifestyle
  • Loose leash walking
  • Off leash reliability *Programs 3 weeks and longer
  • Stopping jumping on guests
  • Body Handling – Vet/Grooming
  • Demand/Nuisance Barking
  • Resource Guarding
  • Decompression
  • And more!
Dog trainer getting licked by dog.

Board & Train in New York

2024 Rates

dog getting used to vacuum with dog trainer

2 Weeks


Now Only $1600

1 x 60-90 minute Go-Home Session

dog trainer and dog using mini educator

3 Weeks


Now Only $2400

1 x 60-90 minute Mid-way Session

1 x 60-90 minute Go-Home Session

2 x 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions

dog letting trainer open his mouth

4 Weeks


Now Only $3200

1 x 60-90 minute Mid-way Session

1 x 60-90 minute Go-Home Session

2 x 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions

dogs running off leash without dog trainer

5 Weeks


Now Only $4000

1 x 60-90 minute Mid-way Session

Dog following behind trainer

6 Weeks


Now Only $4800

1 x 60-90 minute Mid-way Session

1 x 60-90 minute Go-Home Session

2 x 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions

New York dog training - dog waiting for collar

* All prices subject to applicable taxes.

1-on-1 Private Dog Training and Owner Coaching in New York

We also offer personalized 1-on-1 private training sessions, tailored to you and your dog.

In these sessions, a Barker’s Balanced K9s dog trainer will work closely with you and your dog in a private setting, focusing on developing your relationship and leadership skills. As the owner, your daily interactions shape your dog’s behavior. It’s crucial to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to effectively train and lead your dog.

During these sessions, we address specific challenges and behaviors unique to your dog, ensuring a personalized approach to training. By guiding you through exercises and real-life scenarios, we empower you to establish a strong bond with your dog based on mutual trust and respect.

Whether you opt for personalized coaching or the convenience of a residential training program, Barker’s Balanced K9s is dedicated to helping you unlock your dog’s full potential. Join us on the journey towards cultivating a well-behaved and harmonious relationship with your canine companion.

2024 Rates:

Starting at $175/Hour

*All prices subject to applicable taxes

E Collar Dog Training


Training a dog with an e-collar, or electronic collar, can offer a range of benefits that traditional training methods may not achieve as effectively. One of the key advantages is the ability to provide immediate feedback to your dog, allowing for clear communication and faster learning. The e-collar can be used to reinforce commands from a distance, making it particularly useful for off-leash training and reliability in situations where voice commands may be less effective, such as in noisy environments or when the dog is at a distance.

Another benefit of e-collar training is its versatility. E-collars come with various levels of stimulation (just like a TENS machine), allowing you to tailor the training to your dog’s individual temperament and needs. This means you can use lower levels of stimulation for communication and guidance to your dog or higher levels for more stubborn dogs, all while ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort. Additionally, e-collar training can be a valuable tool for modifying an array of behavioural issues by addressing them in a very humane and effective way.

By investing in e-collar training, you’re not just purchasing a service; you’re investing in your dog’s training and well-being. With the proper guidance and training techniques, an e-collar can help you establish a stronger bond with your dog based on clear communication and mutual understanding. Ultimately, e-collar training can empower you to effectively communicate with your dog, improve their behaviour, and enhance your overall relationship, leading to a happier and well-adjusted canine companion.

E-Collar Technologies

1-on-1 Private Training for E-collar Conditioning


The total cost for the 6 sessions is $1175 (This includes a Mini/Micro Educator E-collar Unit made by E-collar Technologies) + applicable taxes 

We only condition dogs on either E-collar Technologies units or Dogtra units as they are the most reliable pieces of equipment with exceptional technology in them.


1 session per week for 6 weeks.

The first session is 2 – 3 hours long as there is a lot of information, application of the e-collar, sequence on how it is to be conditioned etc.

Every session following will be 1 hour long.

You will be given homework at the end of every session that needs to be practiced daily between our sessions. 


  • A fun and educational atmosphere!
  • Guidance and support from start to finish!
  • Enhancing your relationship with your dog!
  • Complete understanding of how and when we utilize the application of the E-Collar.
  • Various locations where will practice, challenge and proof your dog.

Our Dog Training Services

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