About Us

With over 8 years and 45,000 hours of hands on experience (and counting) working with a vast range of breeds and behavioral challenges. We offer professional structured pack walks in Calgary and training services in Calgary and New York. We are here to help you understand how to properly communicate with your dog and how your dog communicates with you. Understanding the importance on using the best tools in the industry and how to handle any real world situation you may encounter. Your lives should not by any means be hindered due to your dogs behavior.

  • Would you rather a dog that is dragging you down the street or lunging and barking at every thing it sees? Becoming reactive and not having control?
  • Or would you rather have a dog that is calm and balanced? A dog who walks in a nice heel with no tension on the leash. That can ignore prey, dogs, people. That can live a much healthier and happier life?

Let us help you with your dog training! 

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Brian Barker – Owner – Trainer

I’m Brian Barker. This is my purpose. I truly have found my calling in life and it is to help you succeed with your dog! 

I unfortunately see far to many ill-mannered and bad behavior dogs on the daily basis. This is so disheartening to see that being the norm. The norm is a bad dog. That in itself is sad and I am going to change that. The norm should absolutely be a well behaved good dog! This takes work, knowledge and dedication. I will help you obtain that!

I work with all breeds and behaviors. Anything from leash reactivity to bite history. 

When I am not working I do enjoy spending time with my wife, going out to the mountains, taking a ride on my motorcycle, working out, continuously learning about anything. Business, self improvement, dog training, spirituality. I typically go through at least 10 books a month..(Audible) but that is the way I learn best. And of course living life to it’s fullest.